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National Nutrition Month 2021

March is here! It has been deemed National Nutrition Month since 1980. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics uses this month to promote nutrition on a national level, as well as the value of a registered dietitian in your personal health journey. This year’s theme is “Personalize Your Plate.” This is a great and timely theme. At a time when there is a lot of “nutrition noise” out there, I am constantly trying to reinforce this idea of personalized nutrition. We are all different and have different needs. It is very difficult to generalize nutrition advice which is why it is also important to consult with a registered dietitian when making these decisions.

This year, the month has been divided into 4 weeks of mini-themes. This first week is : Eat a variety of Nutritious Foods Every Day. I cannot emphasize this enough! Healthy food is important but incorporating a larger variety of foods into your diet helps bring in a diverse group of nutrients to meet your body’s needs. Many times when we try to make lifestyle changes, and incorporate more of what we think is healthy, we end up eating the same foods over and over again. This may lead to food fatigue and ultimately, abandoning ship! By incorporating variety, we can avoid this, and in reality end up with more nutrients (vitamins and minerals in particular) in our diet.

Some great ways to increase variety into your diet: Choose a new recipe every week that has ingredients you are not accustomed to, add extra plants to meals you make regularly to give them a new spin, and choose an ingredient that you have never tried and build a recipe around it.

I have so many ways to help you build up that variety, enjoy your food, and feel awesome! I always use personalized nutrition and build on my understanding of your needs when developing goals and plans with you.

I am excited to bring everyone lots of great content this month in celebration. I hope you enjoy what you read and maybe try a few new things along the way.


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7-Day Personalized Meal Plans Now Available

I am excited to announce that Fox Valley Nutrition Consulting will now offer 7-day personalized meal plans, complete with recipes and shopping lists. A short email consultation with a registered dietitian is required to be sure your meal plan meets your needs. You can expect delicious recipes with your health in mind.

A meal plan can be created with or without a full nutrition consultation. If you have specific medical concerns, a full consultation may be recommended to you.

Having a plan makes behavior changes happen! Schedule a 15-minute email consult on our appointment page to get started at :

In the meantime, check out the free 1-Day Meal Plan below- Enjoy!

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30 Day Reset

I am thrilled to partner with Smith PT and Running Academy to bring this amazing program to you this January!  Start 2021 with a RESET.  If you are continuing your workout journey, restarting it after a crazy 2020, or starting on a new adventure, this program is right for you! Join your guides (a registered dietitian nutritionist (ME!), 2 licensed physical therapists, and a certified personal trainer), as well as people from across the country to reset your nutrition and the role of exercise in your life.

We meet virtually each Sunday (recorded for those unable to attend) where we will discuss new topics related to health and wellness, distribute weekly meal plans with recipes and grocery lists, review proper exercise techniques, and provide support and encouragement in a group setting to keep you motivated. All participants will be part of a private Facebook group for even more accountability.

The meal plans are full of delicious recipes aimed to promote wellness and full of essential nutrients. The meal plans are also realistic, with convenience in mind- but you will be required to do some cooking!

This event kicks off on Sunday, January 3rd at 4:00 pm with a virtual event to meet your accountability partners and guides.  This one-hour meeting will be recorded for those that are unable to attend. Important information regarding your nutrition and workout plans will be given and the goals of all participants will be reviewed.

Sign up here today! We can’t wait to get started!