Food Allergy Awareness Week

This a topic near and dear to my heart.  As the mother of three children with food allergies, I have been living it for almost nine years.  We are lucky and none of our  kids have had an anaphylactic reaction, thank God. We hope we never have that type of reaction, but we know it […]

GF/AF Expo!

Today began the GF/AF Expo in Schaumburg, IL.  This was my first time going and wow!  I arrived at 9:15 am for the bloggers breakfast.  The show did not open until 10am, and there was already a long line forming.  This expo is extremely popular and for good reason.  The amazing companies developing gluten-free and […]

Mini- Series: Healthy Home

Today I am starting a mini-series on how to feed a healthy home.  I get many questions about picky eaters, healthy food choices for kids, eating on the go and meal planning.  I am going to address meal planning first as I think it is an important first step for anyone trying to be healthy. […]

Why I am not a Short-Order Cook

There are six people in our house with a variety of food allergies and aversions.  Three of the kids have food allergies, none of which overlap.  The fourth kid is incredibly picky with a very strong sense of smell.  So how can we all eat together at dinner??? When the kids were small, we figured […]

A Peanut-free Easter?

If you have been shopping lately, I am sure you have noticed there is no lack of candy on the shelves.  Bunnies, eggs, marshmallows, it’s all there!  Kids and adults alike look forward to these holiday treats. In our house, we have to read all the labels carefully and often have to throw out candy […]