Food Allergy Awareness Week


This a topic near and dear to my heart.  As the mother of three children with food allergies, I have been living it for almost nine years.  We are lucky and none of our  kids have had an anaphylactic reaction, thank God. We hope we never have that type of reaction, but we know it is always a possibility.  Anaphylaxis is unpredictable.  People may only experience mild reactions to their allergens and then suffer anaphylaxis and vice versa.  A food allergy is a serious medical diagnosis and the only treatment is total avoidance of the food.

We are avid label readers and are constantly asking questions in other people’s homes, at restaurants, sporting events, movie theaters, etc.  We are always on guard because we have to be.  Our children have been taught to read labels and ask questions themselves.  They know how to speak up for themselves.  If they are not sure something is safe, they ask us.

This month I will be sharing some of our experiences with food allergies from pre-diagnosis to now.  I will share my favorite resources and facts and what you can do to support food allergy research and awareness.  I hope you follow along and learn more about food allergies and how to help your friends and family living with them.

Thanks for tuning in!