Strawberry Watermelon Salsa

A little while back, I posted a picture on Instagram of this salsa, but I am finally getting around to adding the recipe.  I had to taste test it before I shared!   It is delicious and actually keeps well for several days in the fridge.  I thought it might get soggy but I was wrong.  This is a super healthy addition to any meal.  Strawberries are packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin A and fiber.  Watermelon also contains Vitamins A and C as well as lycopene, a powerful anti-oxidant.

Here is a super-easy and quick recipe to push you into summer. Short post today but don’t worry I am working on a couple new ones for you all, stay tuned!

Strawberry Watermelon Salsa

1 cup diced strawberries

½ cup diced watermelon

½ jalapeno finely diced

¼c red onion finely diced

1-2T finely chopped cilantro

Juice of one lime

Salt to taste


Combine all ingredients.  Refrigerate at least 1 hour before serving.

Great on chicken or fish or served with chips.


Enjoy and Happy Summer!




Peanut Allergy

A Peanut-free Easter?

If you have been shopping lately, I am sure you have noticed there is no lack of candy on the shelves.  Bunnies, eggs, marshmallows, it’s all there!  Kids and adults alike look forward to these holiday treats. In our house, we have to read all the labels carefully and often have to throw out candy that isn’t peanut/tree nut free. The good news is that there are companies out there making candy safer for allergies.  Always, always read the labels.  Things change and even if something was okay last year, it may not be now.  What candy have you found to be allergy friendly?  Here are some peanut free candies to add to your list:

  • Hershey’s offers several options, including bunnies.  Some of their products are not peanut free so be sure to read labels
  • Tootsie rolls
  • Junior mints
  • Jelly Belly- note that these are peanut free but may not be tree nut free, read the labels carefully
  • Sixlets
  • Starburst

Other peanut free food ideas that are not candy

  • Applesauce pouches
  • Rice krispies treats
  • Goldfish
  • Some fruit snacks, read the labels
  • Oreos

Non-food ideas

  • Coloring books and crayons
  • Bubbles, chalk and jump ropes
  • Baseballs, other small balls
  • Sunglasses and flip flops
  • Play jewelry
  • Books
  • Small gift cards
  • Word finds and puzzle books


I know you have ideas, please comment with your allergy free Easter basket ideas!