Farmers Market

National Farmers Market Week 2017

This week is National Farmers Market Week 2017!

Farmers markets are not just a trendy, passing craze.  These markets provide fresh, in-season, nutritious foods to their communities.  These farmers work very hard to bring these products to us because they see the importance of eating local, fresh food.  The time from field to market is very quick, often one to two days.  Compare this to the conventional produce that can be on trucks and shelves for many days to weeks.  Plants can start to lose nutrients from the time they are harvested, so the sooner you eat them, the more nutrients will be retained.  They also taste better!


At the markets, you can meet the people who actually grew and harvested your food, where else can you do this?  These farmers will often give you ideas for recipes and educate you on the health benefits of their specific foods.  One of my local farmers recently turned me on to duck eggs- I had no idea that they made baked goods so light and fluffy!  Thanks to Trogg’s Hollow for that tip.  Now my kids only want pancakes made with duck eggs!

There are many reasons to support farmers markets, besides the nutritional benefits.  Here is a graphic that explains it very well:




Join me in supporting your local farmers markets this week.  For my local friends, come visit me at the Huntley Farmers Market this Saturday from 8-1.  There are lots of events and activities to celebrate this week, should be fun!   Check out more here: Huntley Farmers Market